RF Reflow Oven

RFM / RFA 200/300 (Solder Ball Reflow on Wafer Level):

The RF Reflow Oven systems are the ideal solution for low cost solder ball reflow on wafer level for wafer sizes 6", 8" and 12".
Two systems are available: a semi-automatic cost-efficient system with manual wafer loading/unloading and small footprint (RFM 200/300), as well as an automatic system with wafer loading/unloading from cassette to cassette via robot handling (RFA 200/300).


             RFA 200/300


            RFM 200/300


       Wafer sizes: 6”, 8” and 12”
  •       Volume production & prototyping capability
  •       Stainless steel body mirror shining polished (RFM 200/300)
  •       Free adjustable time for pre delay for heating and cooling
  •       Temperature programmable up to 350°C
  •       Nitrogen regulator for flow control
  •       Reflow under inert – active gas
  •       Exhaust can be connected
  •       Inert gas consumption adjustable between 0 – 50l/ min
  •       Wafer cooling in inert gas