Electroless Ni/Au  
Solder Bumping
Backend Processing
Solder Rework


PacTech's Electroless Nickel Technology is recognized throughout the industry as the highest quality process with the widest product flexibility.  These technologies include: Ni/Au and Ni/Pd for Under-Bump-Metallization, tall Ni/Au for ACF and ACA bumping, and  Ni/Au and Ni/Pd/Au for pad re-metallization (OPM for wirebonding). 
PacTech offers plating services on both Aluminum and Copper based integrated circuits, as well as plating on 100, 150, 200, and 300mm wafer.  The process versatility also allows plating on Si, GaAs, InP, and LiTaO3 substrates.

PacTech offers several technologies for solder deposition including: single sphere solder jetting using PacTech's SB² Laser based Bumping tools, and complete wafer bumping using PacTech's Ultra-SB² Solder Sphere Transfer equipment. The combination of these technologies allows PacTech to provide the widest product offering in the industry; servicing the ASIC, Foundry, Military, Medical, Aerospace, Consumer, Telecommunication, Memory, MEMS, Probe Card, and Hard Disc Drive industries.

To facilitate being a full service provider, PacTech offers a complete set of additional wafer level and backend services, including: sawing, dicing, redistribution, repassivation, backside laser marking, backside coating, test die, and assembly.

In addition, PacTech owns the latest metrology and analytical equipment to help in the development and production processes, including: x-ray, shear test, AOI, ICP, AA, probing, high speed ball pull, chemical analysis, etc...

Wafer Level Bumping (Flip Chip and WLCSP):

Wafer Level Backend Processing and Assembly:

Solder Jetting & Deballing / Reballing:

e-Ni/Au, e-Ni/Pd and e-Ni/Pd/Au for UBM Applications (2-10um)
Wafer Thinning (Thin and Stress Relief)
Wafer Level (Prototyping only)
e-Ni/Au for ACF and ACA Applications (10-25um)
Wafer Dicing
e-Ni/Au and e-Ni/Pd for OPM (Wirebonding)
Backside Laser Marking
Hard Disc Drives (HGA, HSA)
Solder Sphere Placement and Jetting (Laser Assisted SB²)
Wafer Back Metallization (Ti, Ni, Ag and other metals upon request)
Camera Modules
Solder Sphere Transfer (Gang Ball Placement)
AOI & X-ray Inspection
Wafer Level Redistribution and Passivation (BCB and WPR)
Die Singulation to Tape & Reel
Flip Chip Assembly (Prototyping only)