LAPLACE-HT (Fully Automated Bonder for High Throughput Laser Soldering):

The LAPLACE-HT is the new automatic Laser Soldering machine for assembly of Schottky Diodes and Bypass Diodes.

The automatic machine punches and forms lead frames, dispenses solder paste and performs diode laser attach to the lead frame. A final electrical and visual test is done on the assembled modules and chip packages.





   bypass diode

cross-section of  a bypass diode


  • Reel-to-reel cutting system for metal lead frame 
  • Pick and place unit for punched metal parts and assembled parts
  • Soldering unit for high speed jetting or paste dispense
  • Pick and place unit for diode (DDF)
  • Optical inspection and electrical test



  • Bypass diode assembly for solar cells
  • HGA for HDD
  • Chip on lead frame
  • RFID
  • LED assembly